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Lurker in the Night

15th March, 2014. 12:46 pm. Serenity, Courage, Wisdom

We held my mother's funeral this week. Her sister and my dad's brother came into town along with three of my four nieces. It was a cool, but sunny day, which Mom would have loved. She was an agnostic so we held a short grave side service. I gave the eulogy and read my aunt's favorite bible passage. Family and friends gathered back at my Dad's for the wake and I can honestly say, I am finally feeling more like myself. I know that I needed the closure of the funeral service to really let it all go. I miss her, but am so glad she isn't suffering any longer.

Thank you, friends for your words of comfort. they meant a lot to me.

Blessed be.

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27th February, 2014. 8:43 pm. Purging

Guess I should take a few moments to log into my account and post to my journal tonight. Work has been crazy and what little time I spend online seems to be on iMessage with my family.

Much to my dismay, my mother passed away 25 days ago and my passion for most things seems to be non-existent. She was my best=friend and I miss her.

Lots of things I thought were important simply are not. So.... hopefully my account will stay active. I will, hopefully soon, want to return and enjoy reading the wonderful Harry Potter and Queer as Folk fan fiction posted by such talented people.

Blessed be.

Current mood: sad.

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31st December, 2009. 2:14 pm.

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Hugs and Best Wishes to All!

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17th June, 2009. 8:08 pm.

I voted for Obama. I now think he is a fraud. He didn't support Lt. Choi and he certainly isn't supporting the rights of the LGBT community in spite of his announcement, today. He is getting no more money from me. I would still rather have him than McCain, but shit, he lied to us. I feel so betrayed.

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14th December, 2008. 10:56 am. Happy Holidays


Christmas - Glitter Graphics

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Holiday Greetings to Everyone.

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6th December, 2008. 3:49 pm. Happy Birthday!

- At

Happy Birthday Happier Bunny!!!
May the Birthday Bunny gift you with much love!

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31st October, 2008. 10:19 pm.

Happy Halloween to my wonder flist! Hope you have had a wonderful night. Been out with my significant other, enjoying other people's children and thanking the old ghods that our biounits are grown and almost grown. Had a little too much wine, but as it is also my SO's birthday, it was consumed in celebration. Can't wait to cast my vote for change on Tuesday. Need to go give a few more dollars to vote NO ON 8. Have a wonderful weekend!

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24th August, 2008. 7:00 pm. Blue Monday - Cross Posted on my LJ

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Happy Birthday,Vamphile!

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26th July, 2008. 3:21 pm.

Been playing with my iPod Touch, adding userpics and generally goofing off. It's sunny, hot and I am too lazy for my own good. Hope everyone is doing well. Reading the memes has made me smile, and the retreads have been well-picked. Guess I'll go try that Bud Lime that made it into my shopping cart yesterday.

Current mood: amused.

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24th June, 2008. 8:42 pm.

Lovely Nerilka24 made me lovely icons for my birthday.
Snoozy Brian and a very nice Justin as well. I am doing a happy dance.

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